Wholesome Health Promotion

Wholesome Health Promotion :

Wholesome Health Promotion is a non-profit organization based in Chicago Illinois, USA. The mission is to encourage people in rural and marginalized communities in the Republic of Cameroon to live an active and healthy lifestyle thereby preventing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure that are on the rise. After Wholesome Health Promotion exceeded communicating their messages to people in their small circles on facebook, they decided to scale their marketing efforts online with their website being the center of their communication. They needed a website that will market their organisation, raise funds via donations, and inform the world about their ongoing programs and events. The founder and CEO contacted AfroVisioN Group on facebook and told us about their needs. We scheduled a whatsapp meeting to further understand them. We built a wordpress powered website with custom template and plugins in close collaboration with their team. Within 3 weeks of meetings, planning, design and engineering, we launched wholesomehp.org and they have been very satisfied.