Eric Takukam is a Cameroonian entrepreneur, digital artist, graphic, and textile designer. He is also the founder of BO TCHAD, Numta, and Froma.

Eric received training in textile design from Open Design School Paris in 2015 and holds an HND in Audiovisual Communication from Siantou Higher Institute, Yaounde. Today, he boasts 16 years of experience in digital arts. Between 2010 and 2017, he served as artistic director at Ocean Ogilvy, one of the leading communication agencies in Cameroon.

With expertise in digital arts, Eric came up with an initiative to promote the development of an art that is less known by the Cameroonian public — digital art. To achieve his objective, Eric knew he needed a website to showcase this new art in the form of an event but he was no coder.

With a déjà vu 16+ years of experience building and maintaining world-class software and web solutions, Eric solicited the expertise of our founder, Churchill Nanje, to build a publicity website to promote this vision.

Our team did a thorough study of his needs and requirements and after one week of planning and development, we combined PHP with jQuery and Bootstrap to build an artistic event by Eric Takukam. The website featured detailed information about the event, sponsors, contact information, location, and schedules. We also made sure the user-friendly interface provided users with the option to subscribe to its mailing list.

Today, Fantastic Cameroon is the first fashion artistic event organized in Cameroon on digital arts associated with fashion. It is unique and innovative, promoting Cameroon through original paintings, installations, and fashion shows.