Otto Beseka is a seasoned entrepreneur and business development specialist with over 15 years of experience working in tech and finance ventures in and around the Silicon Mountain ecosystem in Cameroon. His disgust for Ponzi schemes fueled his desire to bring genuine investment opportunities to everyday investors, an initiative called Genie Capital.

Despite being in the works since 2007, it was only in 2022 that Beseka decided to go full-scale with his ambition. His vision was to provide a platform where individuals could invest in developing their communities and access genuine investment opportunities in real estate, startups, SMEs, stocks, bonds, or crypto assets.

The business strategist in him knew a website would be the best way to bring this goal to fruition.

Having worked with our founder, Churchill Nanje, on several remarkable projects and experienced first-hand his technical expertise and ability to deliver in time, Beseka knew just where to turn to—AfroVisioN Group. Our team studied the diversity of his requirements and realized the need to build a corporate CMS-enabled website to showcase the platform’s various services.

After a week of designing, development, and testing, we used jQuery for its quick development capabilities and combined PHP with Bootstrap for a responsive and mobile-first experience to build

Today, Genie Capital uses the platform to advertise its various service offers and keeps its users updated with insights and investment opportunities in real estate, SMEs, startups, technology, and other sectors.