Friendly Memos is a messaging dispatch system that makes it simple and easy to dispatch memos (messages) to friends, family, and associates without incurring costs, time greeting cards, and postage. But that wasn’t always the case.

In mid-April, John Gwan—the brain behind Friendly Momos— became obsessed with helping people build meaningful relationships and show care by sending beautiful messages. But there was a problem: John needed a way for people to do it without incurring costs. He immediately realized the need for a custom website that will showcase the workings of Friendly Memos.

AfroVisioN Group came highly recommended for building highly customizable websites by one of our previous clients. We sat down with John to understand the scope of what he wanted to achieve and our development team immediately got to work and started collecting and organizing the requirements and features required.

After four months of rigorous planning, designing, and development, we used the Laravel PHP framework to reduce development time and came up with, making it possible for users to easily craft memos or chose from existing message templates and share love with their friends and family.

MySQL and Axios allowed us to build a dynamic website so that users could create accounts and upload contacts from their phonebooks, email, or Facebook accounts. Our expertise in the frontend JavaScript framework, Vue.js, provided us with the opportunity to build an intuitive and simple user interface for Friendly Memos.

Today, hundreds of users use the Friendly Memos platform to dispatch beautiful messages and show love towards their loved ones using customizable message templates.