Econuma is a digital ecosystem that promotes digitization in Africa by providing useful articles on digitization, events, and possible sources of funding for startups. A product of TooMedia, it also serves as a medium for digital service providers to showcase their expertise and connect with each other as well as individuals in need of their services.

Since its creation in 2016, Econuma had operated in stealth mode but the time came for it to grow its customer base and extend its tentacles across Africa. Mathurin Essa, the company’s founder, knew the best and fastest way to achieve this ambitious goal was to set up an online platform to connect digital players, techies, technology service providers, and companies across Africa.

Mathurin visited our office in Buea and asked if we could help make this happen. It was an audacious and herculean task but with our decade-long experience as a market-leading IT outsourcing company in Cameroon, we quickly took on the challenge.

It was only after a series of sessions with Mathurin that we realized building a mobile professional networking platform that could help bring all the different digital players in one place was the best option.

By implementing the Agile approach to product development and combining modern frameworks and tools like Google’s Flutter, Vue.js, MySQL, and web sockets and APIs, we set up, a LinkedIn-like professional networking platform using the Laravel PHP framework.

Apart from helping TooMedia promote its vision and core services, today, the Econuma platform helps several companies accelerate their digital transformation.