Top 10 Software Development Companies Attracting the Best of African Talents

Top 10 Software Development Companies Attracting the Best of African Talents

Top 10 Software Development Companies Attracting the Best of African Talents

When it comes to software development, Africa is not always the first place that comes to mind. However, the African continent has a growing and dynamic tech industry, with many companies providing innovative solutions to local and global challenges. From mobile app development to artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development companies in Africa are making their mark on the world stage.


Let’s discover 10 of the top software development companies in Africa, showcasing the diverse range of skills and expertise that can be found across the continent.


Whether you're looking for a partner for your next software project or simply interested in learning more about the African tech scene, this article will provide a great starting point.

1. MobiDev

Operating in core areas such as Industrial IoT & Authenticity, Science and Mechanical Data, Microservices and Cloud Infrastructure, and Native Mobile and Desktop Development, MobiDev is a software development company that creates sophisticated business-driven solutions.


Voted as “Best Software Development Agency on Upwork” and “Clutch Leader for 2019 in Machine Learning,” the company uses a wide range of technologies to build software products. These technologies include Android, iOS, Data Science, AR, Machine Learning, IoT, DevOps, Ruby, PHP, .Net, Java, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, and GoLang among others.


Over the past 10 years, MobiDev has created and exported more than 350 products, bringing innovation to emerging businesses and companies around the world. Its robust execution of business analysis and sprint execution of cross-platform solutions has attracted clients all over the globe in the media, logistics, e-commerce, automotive, retail, and a host of other industries.

2. Unicsoft

With a team of 100+ developers, Zavgorodniy’s Unicsoft is one of the leading software development companies in Africa. Winner of the 2020 Best Artificial Intelligence Development Award, Unicsoft is a world-renowned leader in digital innovation technology.


The software company has ensured the transparent and quality delivery of more than 200 projects in Blockchain and AI, IoT and Learning Machines, and Web and Mobile Development.


The Unicsoft workspace is an impact-oriented environment with continuous learning, a commitment to excellence, and a strong understanding of business issues. This has led to its high productivity rate of tech services which includes all of the following but is not limited to Big Data and Business Intelligence, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, IoT Development, Blockchain Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, and Quality Assurance.

3. SovTech

Founded by Gerald Neves, SovTech is a leading software development company that provides game-changing games to businesses around the world. They work closely with their clients to create custom solutions that help achieve their business goals and improve opportunities.


Thanks to its young and dynamic team that is quite knowledgeable in its processes and skill set, SovTech has been able to attract clients from a variety of sectors including business services, banking and finance, real estate, telecommunications, education, and a host of others. They provide world-class technology and service that empowers their clients and provides an edge over global competition.

4. Entelect

The 2016 Deloitte Platinum award-winning software engineering company, Entelect, is a unique software engineering company that combines technology and best practice to deliver world-class solutions to a wide variety of industries. Founded by Dr. Charles Pritchard, it is based on the unwavering principle of highly educated, high-quality employees. Thus, making it one of the top software development companies in Africa.


Entelect once recorded the best pool of software engineers in South Africa and has successfully designed and deployed hundreds of custom systems, both locally and internationally.


Since its inception in 2001, the company has grown on its own transfers, with an impressive list of permanent customers and an unparalleled delivery history. Working on technologies such as  DevOps, Audits, Microsoft.Net, Java, Azure, HTML5, Windows, iOS, CSS, Data Analytics, Big Data, .Net, React, ReactNative, and Angular, Entelect has bagged clients from the retail, transport, healthcare, and IT industries.

5. AfroVisioN Group Limited

Founded in 2006, AfroVisioN Group has as its principal objective to open up Africans to the vast advantages of Information Technology. Building on more than 16 years of experience, the company offers services such as web application development, custom software development, software testing and QA services, mobile software development, and many others.

From idea to development, testing, and launch, the company combines branding, UX, IT staffing, security, maintenance, and advanced software engineering methodologies to help startups and established brands build scalable products, using the latest technologies, including Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI.

The company’s founder, Mambe Churchill Nanje, is the brain behind one of Africa’s largest job search engines and aggregators, Njorku. Now used by thousands of job seekers across Africa, Njorku is one of the flagship products of AfroVisioN.

AfroVisioN is one of the trusted names in Cameroon’s Silicon Mountain, having worked with MTN Cameroon, the Adamawa State Government of Nigeria, the Cameroon GCE Board, and many other big names in Africa. AfroVisioN has completed over 150 projects and continues to be counted among the best software development companies in Africa.

6. 2Base Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 2009 by Nidhin Baby, 2Base started as a web application development company. In 2013, it blossomed into a team of experts who focused on end-to-end web and mobility services. Its delivery of high-quality creative development, strategies, and technologies for a wide variety of products and services makes them one of the most trusted names among the top software development companies in Africa.

Today, the company operates worldwide with its offices in Kerala (Palakkad, Kochi) in India and its coastal offices in KSA (Khobar) and the USA (CT). It works in partnership with startup customers in businesses around the world.

7. Bitcube

With a carefully built international team of project managers, product experience experts, modern software engineers, and designers, the South African technology company, Bitcube, equally makes it to the list of most trusted names among other software development companies in Africa.


Making use of state-of-the-art technology and Agile processes, the company is known to deliver greater efficiency, faster results, and improved product quality compared to its peers.

8. Thought Inc.

The Johannesburg-based technology and development company, Thought Inc. is one of the top software development companies in Africa. Driven by passion and innovation, the company serves clients around South Africa and beyond by creating solutions for individuals and companies that prioritize technology. Its success stems from knowing better-proven strategies to ensure it can deliver the needs of its customers from concept to successful use.


Working on technologies such as ROR, PHP, .Net, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Django, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Python, Android, and Objective C, Max Clark’s Thought Inc boosts a team of Africa’s best talent working hard to meet customers’ needs and mark the continent among the world’s best.

9. PYCOGroup

A certified client of both Microsoft and Magento, the B2B software company, PYCOGroup,

Is a digital consulting and software development company that delivers results-driven solutions all over the globe.


Working on technologies such as iOS, Android, ReactNative, Angular, AngularJS,  Bootstrap, MySQL, PHP, NodeJS, Drupal, Docker, AWS, .NetMVC, SQL Server, Magento, MongoDB, and SAPHybrid, PYCOGroup operates in Africa as well as Asia, Europe, and North America.


Over the years, the company has developed internal digital teams that bring solutions to its partners. Whether clients need a separate onshore advisor or a special overseas development team, PYCOGroup’s dedicated coastal and marine teams with strong networks have provided solutions that best meet the needs of different businesses.

10. Haefele Software

As a third-party external expert on Microsoft development, Haefele Software works with its customers in pursuit of advanced engineering at affordable prices. Often, their teams in South Africa and beyond work together, presenting a cohesive team locally and internationally.


Working on technologies like TypeScript, Python, AWS, Business Analysis, and DevOps, the company follows three different missions: gather talent together, develop the industry, and collaborate. With this strategy, the company is among the top ten software development companies in Africa.


Africa’s software development is growing at an impressive rate, with many innovative companies paving the way for technological advancements on the continent and beyond.


The near future appears to be quite promising for Africa in the IT industry, thanks to the presence of these leading software development companies bringing vibes to the entire continent. As the software industry continues to blossom, young talents from Africa are now in the spotlight.

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