wastemanagementforkids.org/ :

Waste Management for Kids and Community Development is a nonprofit organization focused on reducing the amount of waste in our environment. The goal is to maximize resource value and eliminate environmental hazards through sensitization.

The organization assists kids, schools, and the community on how to reuse and recycle waste ethically and responsibly to combat climate change and environmental degradation. Through this initiative, kids learn about the 7 R’s (Rethink Reduce, Refuse, Repair, Regift, Recycle and Recover).

Having contributed enormously to reducing the amount of waste in communities around Cameroon since 2019, the organization needed to push its vision to other development actors by setting up a specialized website. In 2022, the Waste Management team reached out to our founder, Churchill Nanje, and asked if AfroVisioN Group could build a website with explicit information about its mission, activities, and other important information that serve the needs of the organization.

Having worked on similar projects before, Churchill agreed to the task and we immediately got to work. After studying the organization’s requirements, we began development, and in 2 weeks, wastemanagementforkids.org came online.

Because the organization needed an easy-to-use web platform to manage every aspect of their website internally, we used our expertise in the PHP framework to make the website dynamic with a CMS. Using jQuery and the Laravel framework, we were able to cut down on development time and build more functionalities into the website such as making it easy for people to donate to the organization’s course directly from the website.

Since then, Waste Management has been using the new platform to carry out its activities by easily connecting and working with other development stakeholders in reducing the effect of waste and climate change in our communities while respecting humanitarian deontology.