Tching Bobe

Tching Bobe :

Tching-Bobe is a young privately owned company located in Douala-Cameroon with shipchandling as main activity and currently serving all local ports in Cameroon.

Alongside their main activity, they also operate a diversified classic restaurant serving a range of Cameroon, African and Filipino dishes, and process meat into different kinds of chemical-free sausages with local raw materials.

In pursuit of their global dream of becoming a leading shipchandler in Africa, CEO and founder Tching Bobe quickly realized the need for a well-branded website that could help tell clients about their services globally. He said he couldn't think of a better web design team for the job than us, because he thinks we have established a name as the undisputed tech giant in the Silicon mountain of Buea. Bobe reached us through our key team player Churchill Nanje that he had known since 2008 when AfroVisioN Group was in infancy.

Our team then studied the diversity of their services and realized the need for a Laravel custom website. That was when we delve into our versatility of tech and in 4 weeks, was born. Today the company is satisfied to be breaking beyond Cameroon as a result of their website.