Save The Chicken

Save The Chicken :

Client: PFMS

Poultry Farmers Management System (PFMS) has for the past years been helping smallholder farmers in Cameroon to increase production sustainably and sell more livestock. Its web/mobile platform also helps to instantly diagnose livestock health and connect livestock farmers to an expert veterinarian in real-time.
After losing more than 400 of his chicks to a deadly chicken disease - a common ordeal among poultry farmers in Africa - PFMS founder, Henry Ngale Foretia, decided to collaborate with various stakeholders and techies to develop a solution to chicken mortality.
Henry phoned us to say he needed a mobile app that could help poultry farmers in Africa to take pictures of dead birds (chicks) or their feces and then automatically get a diagnosis of the disease affecting their farms.
Using Laravel and Java, we helped the PFMS team to launch Save The Chicken (STC), an AI-powered Android application that performs instant disease diagnosis from a picture of a chick or its poop. We built Machine Learning capabilities right into the application that screens and analyzes the disease from an already installed dataset and matches it with the algorithm to provide the needed treatment.
Beyond taking pictures and diagnosing diseases based on a chick’s feces, farmers also receive updates on best practices, vaccination reminders, and real-time predictions of disease outbreaks across countries.
So far, the Save The Chicken app has helped hundreds of farmers across Africa to minimize chicken mortality and prevent the consumption of infected birds.