Headquartered in N’Djamena-Chad with branch offices in Cameroon, Mali, South Africa, and Congo, JURISCOM is a legal tech company with a diverse team of legal practitioners and financial advisors. Its services include everything from advising to assisting companies, institutions, and various organizations in all legal matters.
With its deep footprint across Africa, JURISCOM realized that hiring lawyers to handle issues like incorporation, contracts, and other legal matters was expensive and strenuous.
To scale its legal services across the continent, JURISCOM decided to set up an online platform to sell legal document templates. Given our over 16 years of experience building and maintaining world-class software and web solutions, JURISCOM turned to us for this task.
Our team studied the diversity of JURISCOM’s services and realized the need to build a user-friendly e-commerce platform that companies could access and buy highly -customizable legal document templates. By implementing Agile Methodologies that worked well for us and have kept our previous clients satisfied, we designed, a Laravel-built database-driven web application serving entrepreneurs and legal practitioners.
Apart from helping JURISCOM sell legal document templates, Mohada now serves over 10,000+ entrepreneurs and legal practitioners thanks to the scalable nature of the platform we built. Their online catalog hosts several document types, ranging from articles of incorporation and shareholder agreements to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and employment offer letters.