Client: TooMedia

Every day, TooMedia produces webcast and multimedia content for companies, giving them an effective, low-cost marketing solution to deliver content to their prospects and customers.
For much of the digital content management agency, they are the enabler to the digital world, serving companies that want to showcase their expertise and reach more audiences with news, job opportunities, and events. To several companies in Cameroon, they are the trusted digital media company that helps them create such content like web series, podcasts, video content for YouTube channels, etc.
To maintain market leadership and continue to grow revenue, TooMedia needed to reach its entire customer spectrum. Achieving this goal meant that the Yaounde-based agency had to set up an online platform to connect digital players, techies, technology service providers, and companies across Africa. This prompted the company to contact us to find out if we could meet its new platform development needs.
Following a series of meetings with the TooMedia team, we realized the best way to meet the challenge was to build a professional networking platform that could help bring all the different digital players in one place.
After a few months of planning and development, we came up with, a LinkedIn-like professional networking platform using the Laravel PHP Framework. Since then, TooMedia has been using the Econuma platform to help several companies accelerate their digital transformation.